Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Caveatbeats - My Peace/piece

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Corey Carter (aka Caveatbeats) is a new name to me and is not, as I first assumed, one of the endless 'beat factories' that Soundclick seems to attract. Nope this beat machine comes complete with rapper who also happens to be Corey Carter too. Over the past year or so I feel that the hiphop side of Soundclick has opened up to the possibilities of being reviewed by any of the many, many reviewers now working out of Soundclick's Critics Corner. It wasn't always so, indeed a few years ago, months would go by without me so much as getting a sniff of hiphop. There are some uncharitable souls who would say that's a good thing but I happen to like hiphop and I'm glad that Soundclick has some very good exponents of the genre.

Mind you, it has its share of no-no's too...

One of the main problems - at least with Soundclick hiphop, which tends to be overwhelmingly home produced - is the distance between the idea and the execution. Getting the beats to jibe with the rap is, to my mind anyway, THE most important thing to get right and its surprising how many hiphop artists miss that target. My Peace/piece narrowly avoids that fate, but that isn't to say that it isn't without its problems. To my ears, the rap is a bit too laid back, where it does it work is in the chorus but that might be down to the echoed vocals that are happening there.

My Peace/piece is a song about - I guess - the gun that Caveatbeats either covets or owns. Well, we got to write about something, haven't we? Of course it does mean that not many people are likely to pick up on it because of its content and those that do listen may not be overly amused. Which is a shame because, as I say, the ideas are good and the way the track sways along is very fresh but the mismatch between the rap and the music keeps getting in the way. Certainly this is good enough for me to want to hear what else this musician has to offer.

Recommended hiphop.

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