Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stealthspectre's Experimental Insanity - Haunted Realm of The Undead (Vox version)

Hear The Track Here

Stealthspectre is a new name to me, and to Soundclick, but he has already thrown himself in the deep end by opening up a review thread in Critics Corner - and a very welcome one at that. Nonetheless, I find myself thinking, do these people not know what they are letting themselves in for? The deluge cometh and all that old bollocks? The problem with reviewing is that a) you either get buried under the never ending requests or b) you do so much you burn up within days of starting. Doesn't make you any new friends either or help to promote your own material, all valid reasons why people take up reviewing in the first place. What it does do though is expose you to a never ending stream of music you may not have heard had you not been reviewing. (Ed: speaking of which are you going to do any reviewing any time soon?)

Sheesh, some people....

Haunted Realm Of The Undead is billed as Goth Metal which in fact is a genre I have lots of time for. There are lot of really good Goth metal bands although - it has to be said - not many I've found on Soundclick, the best being Gretchen - or can somebody tell me different? I am well into a spot of musical insanity so I must admit I was looking forward to this popping up in my playlist - and you know what? It didn't let me down, and that is a surprise. SS states that he is new to making music and this is only his third stab at putting vocals on a track but other than a couple of technical faults (mainly in the vocal production) Haunted Realms is a track that will probably stay on my hard drive for a while. As I say, I do like a bot of Goth. In fact, it would be fair to say that I am completely obsessed with the look and style, if not exactly on the same wavelength as far as lyrics go. Nonetheless, good Goth carries with it a sombre beauty along with its inevitable tale of doom and this track accomplishes that well.

Stealthspectre has the right voice for it too, although - as I say - the vocal production doesn't really let the full tenor and timbre of his voice to shine through and that, I believe. would help this track enormously. Put it like this, the music is so well done that the vocal (its too compressed, muffled) doesn't stand out anything like as powerfully as it should. It really isn't that often that I am impressed with first tracks, and my liking for the genre probably has a lot to do with it, but Haunted Realms is an extremely decent song in many ways and should gain Stealthspectre some more willing listeners and I will be looking forward to hearing more from this intruiging artist. Keeper for me despite a small quibble.

Excellent goth metal. Highly Recommended.

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