Saturday, March 14, 2009

AvMo - When I'm Gone

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'The masochist will step up to the plate once again' chortles AvMo as he thrust this track into my hands. Now that's quite surprising because I thought I had been pretty tame over the four or five tracks of his I have reviewed. Mind you my bitterness has been known to soak through almost any platitudes I am uttering so who knows? It has to be said that AvMo's music and style haven't exactly won me over yet because even I have to admit I have been lukewarm about his music in the past so maybe the man has a point. Moreover, he cautions me on a couple of points about When I'm Gone and that's never a good sign.

Now maybe he gets to see the real me... :)

Its a good job that he did indeed warn me about some 'timing issues all over the joint' because on my first listen that's probably where this track met its gory end. Still, got to give the track more headroom than that, at least AvMo recognises that there is still work to be done, and that's always a healthy sign. ' I still love the layers and textures I used' he adds and I think that - having lived with this track and its timing problems for a while - I would tend to agree with him. There is more than a touch of basic home production on the track though and - for my money - that may detract more than any timing problems. Most people don't really notice these things anyway but the 'demo/wip' feel of this track might put many off.

It's a bit of a slow build actually. I found myself going from not very impressed at all to thinking that - given its small failings - it's actually a decent song in need of tightening and more arrangement. It appears to be a song about dying and leaving a partner and/or loved one behind, and consequently comes across as pretty sombre too. Musically, its pretty much what I have come to expect from AvMo, a soft rock backing track that you would have heard once or twice. What it's most in need of is a major tidying up, there are odd things happening almost constantly but after a while I put that down to the basic slap-it-all-down-and-see-what-happens nature of what AvMo has to work with. I now needs some thought as to the overall feel and flow of the peice. I'd be interested to hear what happens with this once that occurs.

Decent song, very 'demo-y' sound.

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