Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MD-1 Project - Progressive Uprising

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Whenever I see the word trance I come out in big red spots, a red mist appears before my eyes and I start to foam at the mouth, hurling invective hither and yon. Not, in any sense, my favourite genre simply because I've never found it challenging enough for me to want to wade through more than thirty seconds of the stuff. Ricky Mancini (aka MD-1 Project) gets enormous delight of winding me up as you can see by the fact that Progressive Uprising is a trance track. Right around now, with any other artist, the sight and sound of nee naws and wonderfully tasteful white clothing would be apparent and this review would smell distinctly of smacked butt. There again, MD-1 Project is not yer normal trance artist.

He is a man on a mission.

His mission, which he has obviously (nay gleefully) accepted, is to - to put it bluntly - fuck with your mind. Over the years I have been reviewing this extreme instrumentalist I have developed a taste for his completely off the scale electronic fukry, even - it must be said - when that electronic fukry happens to be in a trance stylee. See, that's the nub of the matter. No matter what genre this artist chooses to graze in, you can bet your life that it will come out sounding like nothing you ever heard before. Progressive Uprising is more what I could call soundscape with a distinctly experimental edge; especially with the sounds and their placement are concerned. If you want a track to just waggle your skinny butt to, this will do the trick. However, take it from one who knows, when you are 'somewhere else' (Ed: an obvious reference to being off your face) this track is awesome just to listen to.

One thing is for sure, the sand-blaster sound technique MD-1 Project perfected on so many tracks isn't that obvious, unless you count the bewildering amount of parts this contains. It's even - dare I say this - a bit laid back. Not that it doesn't have its share of thrills and spills, I've already mentioned the way its packed to the gills with sound events; there is an underlying tension coming from the lower end instruments that is definitely edge-of-the-seat, duck-before-its-too-late ominous that throws a whole different slant on the track. I didn't notice that at first, it took a few plays to register but once I did, it made the whole track make much better sense. Having said that, there are bound to be people who's reaction to this will be 'huh?'. That's what I like most about MD-1 Project, he was never the kind of guy to play it safe.

Highly Recommended experimental trance

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