Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kristi Starr - Electric/Make God My Friend

Hear Electric OR Make God My Friend

A few days ago I reviewed a few tracks from singer/songwriter Kappa Danielson and promised that I'd also be reviewing her twin sister, Kristi Starr. If you remember I really liked what Kappa does - a very clean, country-ish sound and some very tight songs and in many ways Kristi isn't much different. However, whereas Kappa is straightforward in style and presentation, Kristi's grasp of the songs nuances absolutely blows me away. I hate to do this (because they are as good as each other) but Kristi wins hands down for this reviewer for two reasons. She writes absolutely killer songs, the kind that rip your heart out while making you smile fit to burst, and then delivers the killer blow vocally. Kristi has an outstanding voice, full of warmth and heart, and she has the most intense way of putting her lyrics across it sends shivers down my spine.

That's what I got the first time I listened to Electric, an absolutely knockout song delivered in awesome style. Again, like Kappa, there is nothing fanciful about the production; this is just a woman, her voice and her guitar. Tell you what though, go take a listen and then come back and tell me that it didn't move you. 'My soul belongs to God, my body to this earth, me I'm electric from the sound of my heart to the dirt' look pretty good written down but poured into your ears like liquid gold, this track snatches you up from the first line and doesn't let go. Since I first discovered Kappa and Kristi I've been back to their sites time and again but this track has definitely had the most interest for me. Absolutely class performance and a song that is indeed electric.

Make God My Friend took me a while to get a grip on, although its initial appeal was every bit as strong as Electric. Now that I've had time to become much more familiar with Kristi's songs, I think I prefer Make God My Friend. Lyrically, its exactly what I love, a beautiful story told with great conviction by Kristi who again shows she can worry lyrics like a professional. For me, it is her unerring ability to absolutely NAIL the vocal EVERY time and the clean, uncomplicated musical accompaniment. I know, at this stage, I am absolutely doomed to love this singer/songwriter but - believe me - this is one of the finest things I have seen/heard this year and I don't throw compliments like that around freely.

Awesome talent. Songs to stir the hardest heart. MUST HAVE.

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