Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fear 2 Stop - Possibilities

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Don't quite know where this should have come in the list this month but with Fear 2 Stop there is often confusion - more on my part than on theirs I might add. Its been a while since I've heard a brand new Fear 2 Stop track but I am assured that Possibilities is that rare event. On of the reasons I look forward to new tracks is because it helps to chart how they are developing - an essential element to understanding what Fear 2 Stop are all about. It's no good shaking your head like that, Fear 2 Stop have ALWAYS, but always sounded like this - in fact, its a bit of a trademark.

The song comments state that its a track 'with a reggae-inspired groove and some cool synth guitar licks' although I think its stretching the imagination to breaking point. Fear 2 Stop are a take it or leave it kind of outfit, they play their own particular groove not taking to much notice of what anyone is saying or thinking about their material. I think that attitude has helped them to establish themselves at Soundclick as a band you are either going to love or hate. Unless you are a fan of course, in which case its equal doses of love AND hate because - another halllmark of this trio - they tend to wander wherever the track takes them.

I think the marriage of rhythmic elements adds immeasurably to Fear 2 Stop's aural signature as I said of their better (ie more accessible) tracks and Possibilities have definite possibilities. No I can't believe I just said that either. The depth and textural quality of the production gives this track a much greater attraction than some earlier tracks, albeit in a kind of PIL way. There are even sections where the whole thing starts to rock out, and that is a bit of a departure for this often opaque bunch. Now given that I've already stated that I am a fan it should come as no surprise that I'm keeping this, but you have to make up your own mind.

Fear 2 tread. Strange, disjointed wonders. Highly Recommended experimental electronica.

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