Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nuff X - Sometimes I Can't Stop Staring At The Sun

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From being the king of his own particular brand of glitchy, breakbeat electronica (lets call it Nuffcore for the sake of argument) Nuff seems to have wandered into a few pastures new over the past few tracks, and that's always a good sign. Especially when he takes his nuffcore bag of tricks (massive use of glitches, cut up sounds and other assorted aural mayhem) into an IDM (Ed: Intelligent Dance Music for those with no intelligence, no sense of rhythm and tone deaf) style that I personally like a great deal. Having said that I am well aware that overall musical lunacy doesn't score points with a large section of Soundclick's (and elsewhere) listeners - it would be way too out there - if you into electronica in any way this track will definitely do it to you.

I first came across Nuff X in early 2005, when he was just starting out I guess, although he had already been on Soundclick over a year earlier. Like many of us, he had his ups and down but has proved - consistently - over the years that he knows what he is about and isn't likely to stop for anyone. My kind of musician, know what I mean? Sometimes I Can't Stop Staring At The Sun is absolutely classic Nuff stuff; an underlying theme and with more aural twists and turns than you can shake a stick at it will take a while to sink in. Once it does though, it will stay - Nuff tracks have a habit of doing that.

No doubt that he's got some great little tricks going on in Sometimes I Can't Stop Staring At The Sun that I haven't heard from him before and - if anything - he gets wilder with each successive track but never totally overboard. Mind you, this track skims right on the Crack Of Chaos especially towards the end which definitely should not be listened to be anyone who is on hallucagens, certain kinds of skunk or intensely paranoid individuals - it would be like chalk on a blackboard. As it is, every time I listen to the track I feel like my ears have been sandpapered flush to my skull. I marvel that it could be such a pleasureable experience. As I say, Nuff X is definitely not for everyone but if you like your electronica neat, then this is meat and drink for you.

Wild, glitchy, exhuberant ride. Highly Recommended IDM.

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