Monday, March 23, 2009

Divine Nature - Antar Naad

Hear The Track Here

I've known Chris Bishop (owner and sole prop; POP and POPSpace) for around four years, and in that time have become well acquainted with his taste, which is surprisingly similar to mine. Regular readers will already know that this is a man with very sharp ears, many of his choices have walked away with glowing reviews. Moreover he always seems to choose tracks that have something else going for them other than the music, and that holds true of Divine Nature too. From what I can gather this is a collaborative project in some ways similar to David Pendragon's Tribe World Ensemble insofar as the guiding light appears to be an American, with an Indian (I think) collaborator. Whichever it is, judging by the list of planned releases, you can bet your life these guys have their work cut out.

I think that Rajendra Teredesai and Ninewells Music (India and USA respectively) are responsible for Antar Naad (the first track to be released from the Divine Dimension album). Although I was able to download the track, it no longer seems to be on their POP page, which is a bit of a problem. No matter, Bhakti Dhyana is the only track on the page right now but it will give you pretty much the same kind of buzz that Antar Naad gave me, and maybe Antar Naad will go up sooner or later. Essentially both tracks are meditative music of a high order (and I don't mean New Age here folks) with a distinctly eastern feel.

Hey, hey Gilmore, that's right up your street isn't it?

Yeah, but even Eastern music has its horrors. See, one of my problems is - like many other human beings - that I do equate these extra long, soundtrack-type with New Age and that genre has long plundered eastern music, and not always to the good. Can't say the same about Antar Naad because it is exactly what I was expecting from the Meditative Music tag. Six minutes of true aural bliss out that would do equal justice in a documentary about the Indian subcontinent. Its one of those tracks that put images in your mind from the very start, aided by some superb instrumentation and a razor sharp production. Some lovely Indian flute work in this track too, and that alone is worth listening to.

Excellent meditation material, everybody say OMMMM. Highly Recommended.

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