Saturday, February 28, 2009

Alchemystic - Destiny's Fire Feat JoeK

Hear The Track Here

Finally, at last!! After months and months of trying, Alchemystic came up with a track!! The only problem is that I have no idea where you, ol most loyal of eyeballs, can possibly lay your ears to it. No doubt the Alky One will be along at some point to explain this state of affairs but in the meantime, let me give you some pointers. Soundclick regulars will already be well aware of Alchemystic's particular style of electronica; a style that has won him many fans and lots of good reviews (from me even) and I am always open to listening to something from him. Even more so when he teams up with Joe K (not a bulbous gent fond of beer) who turns out to be female; either that or those pants are waaaaaayyy too tight.

Nah, definitely a girl....

The one thing I have come to expect from Alchemystic over the years is as close to production perfection as its possible to be in this computer age. He's always had a handy talent for picking interesting sounds, then making them do unusual things and its been a long while since I reviewed Gold and Jade (June 2008) so I had forgotten what kind of impression his tracks make. Mind you, the first time I heard Destiny's Fire, I had to look to make sure it was Alchemystic's track; partly - I must add - because of that intruiging, beguiling vocal. I know I've heard song structures from Alchemystic before, and some bloody classic ones at that but - as a complete peice - Destiny's Fire is awesome.

The jewel in the crown, of course is Joe K's excellent vocal (not sure whether she is responsible for the lyrics either) which obviously grabs centre stage as soon as it appears. Mind you, it's up against the big boys in the music which is full bodied and baying for blood from the starting gun. Other than the odd sound right at the very beginning (which I love btw, but some people may think its a technical glitch) I could find absolutely nothing wrong with this excellent song and much that was so, so right. Definitely one of the best tracks I have heard this year already, hardly been off my ears since I started reviewing it and that should tell you something. OK Alchemystic, you did good, now go and do some more for us....k?

MUST HAVE Electronica.

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