Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sponsored By Poverty - Friends Forever

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'Mike and Brandon are great friends, but there may be a little more to their friendship than meets the eye' Sponsored By Poverty's Soundclick page informs us. Sounds more like a soap than yer actual music, doesn't it? 'Mike and Brandon have been playing together now about four years, and they are closer than a g-string between two butt cheeks' it goes on, giving you some indication that maybe Mike and Brandon like a bit of a laugh. Good job then that their genre classification is Comedy because you couldn't take all this seriously right? Why are you all looking at me as if I just farted? You don't take this seriously do you? You do??

Damn, for the first time ever, I am rendered speechless.

Citing the excellent Flight Of The Conchords as one of their influences, is a smart move, and gives you a pointer what to expect. What you shouldn't expect is much in the way of musical accompaniment; a guitar and a couple of voices and that's all she wrote. Moreover, its a most basic recording, pretty much live straight one take jobbie. Nothing wrong with that of course. My problem with so called comedy tracks is that they are so often not. Up their own ass with the cleverness of it all maybe but rarely that funny. To be blunt and to the point, I didn't actually find the track LOL funny but it has a certain wry appeal.

Friends Forever is actually a dialog between two friends (Ed: Gawd, nothing like stating the obvious) who have what can best be summed up as a love/hate relationship; exactly the kind of tension that keeps best friends, best friends - if you see what I mean. Being close friends with someone else is pretty much like being married - except without the sex. You still get to know their every irritating little habit and yet you can't get through the day without touching base with them at some point. Friends Forever shouldn't be listened to because of its musical exuberance (it has that) or its sonic brilliance (it doesn't have that) but should be listened to as an accurate vignette about life with our best friends.

Excellently wry take on friendship. Recommended for the song.

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