Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pidgeman - Not Another Love Song

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First track out of the MP3 Unsigned bag this month is the indefatigable (Ed: wooahh Gilmore!! Big words!) Pidgeman. Since I first met him while reviewing Misery Loves Company (September 2007 Pidgeman has been a regular visitor to my review schedule so at this stage of the game I probably have almost a dozen of his tracks reviewed. Although there is a fair smattering of Highly Recommendeds amongst them we haven't always agreed on what constititures a good track. Nonetheless, this UK based rock musician/songwriter, is always worth me checking out because I know - sooner or later - this guy is probably going to give me a track that will toast my ears off. So the only remaining question to be asked is...

...is this it?

Not Another Love Song (Ed: oh thank God for that) was written for Valentine's Day and - as Craig (aka Pidgeman says in the chorus - 'I only write them when there's something wrong'. I never write them but that's because I am a crotchety old bastard and totally beside the point. What This Is Not Another Love Song is is a kissass rock tune, big drums, excellent guitar sounds and a very, very decent tune indeed. To be sure, it isn't the killer tune I mentioned above but there is a certain standard that Pidgeman reaches - in performance and production - that makes any of his track immensely listenable because underneath the bombast lurks a talented songwriter with a predeliction for great rock hooks.

It's one of the best sounding Pidgeman tracks I have ever heard; solid, and relentless and every time it came up in my review playlist I embraced it like an old friend. Mind you I am partial to good rock songs so no surprise there eh? Wherever possible in a review I try to give you a sense of the track using whatever musical references I can apply. One that I have NEVER applied to Pidgeman's work (nor ever will, I suspect) is that he sounds like Status Quo. Sure he writes the same kind of breezy, immensely catchy classic rock songs but for my money, he always sounds more American than English - especially in his songwriting style. Nope the only comparison I could come up with this time is Cheap Trick - try it and see. If you like good, sold rock songs then you won't go far far with this little beauty.

Excellent classic rock song. Highly Recommended and a MUST HAVE for Pidge fans.

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