Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Largo - My Head 2

Hear The Track Here

Minimack (currently fronting for Largo) and I have been batting emails backwards and forwards for a couple of months now trying to arrange a long standing review for him and sidekick Largo. Accordingly he sent me this track through email this month and it is NOT the version of My Head that is currently on his page, so God knows where you will be able to hear this new version. You could, I suppose always email Minimack and ask I guess. Anyway, readers without short term memory loss will recollect that I have reviewed My Head (May 2008) and absolutely loved it; a classic rock song produced with a fine balance between power and clarity - a necessary feature because of its lyrical content.

Obviously I had to go back to the original version (it still lives on my harddrive) and there is actually a very noticeable difference between the two versions; for a start it's lost a lot of the original crunchy rock sound that is such a big feature with it. It's also lost the thunderstorm I found so charming in the original, and that maybe because I mentioned how similar it was to the Riders Of The Storm Doors track, or maybe I am just letting my ego run away with itself again. As you know, I am prone to such minor personality defects. The main problem with continued tinkering with an already completed track, I have found to my own horror, is that you can often lose sight of what made the original so appealing - even more so when said track got a Must Have rating from me, and that is definitely my ego holding sway here.

The thunderstorm, and the overtly rock atmosphere, has been replaced by slower pace and a nice tinkly piano picking its way between the main rock action. As such, I can't really say how much more this adds to the already gorgeous original, but I do notice it alters the emphasis considerably. Without doubt, the main appeal of the track - the song itself - is consistent though both versions and rightly so because it is a blisteringly good song, if that had changed you would have been listening to a very unhappy bunny right now. I've never had to rescind a Must Have before and thankfully I won't have to this time. What we have here now is a much more up-to-date, almost Alternative rendition that is cleaner, better produced and infinitely more commercial than the original.

MUST HAVE - again. (Ed: but this doesn't count as two, Largo :P )

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