Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Antennaheadz - Superhero (WIP)

Hear The Track Here

Please note the WIP in the title, it means Work In Progress and - believe me - Superhero does sound rough as old boots, at least in terms of conventional 'finished' product - even from one as relaxed about it as Thomas J (aka The Antennaheadz). Its funny that this track should be back to back in the review list with Fear 2 Stop because - at one time many years ago - both of these artists were the bane of my existence. Thomas for his Station For Imitation electronica thing and F2S because they were (and are) all out there on their own. Thomas has always been a musician at heart though, for all his dabbling in the arcane arts of experimental electronica and this has borne the most incredible fruit over the past couple of years where he seems to have found his own niche.

As well as delivering a string of classic tracks, a dynamite Chameleon Dish Archives EP and winning my very own Artist Of The Year 2008 award, Thomas should be sitting back and quaffing the fine champagne of success. Welp, not much chance of that because - as the old saying goes - the man is on a roll, and what a roll it is. For all his retro tendencies of late, Superhero doesn't so much seem to be coming from his usual 1950's/60's goldmine but sounds like something that would have felt right at home in the UK music scene of the 1980's. For my money, one of the unsung heroes of that time was Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, a Scots band who never forgot that the song is the important thing. You can be assured that I am using this reference as a massive compliment to what The Antennaheadz are doing on Superhero.

So yes, its rough, definitely unfinished but oh by God it's a great listen. Every time I hear a new track from this source I marvel at how confident and mature as a vocalist Thomas is now, and on this track he is sounding absolutely superb. So, whatever you do, don't change the vocal ;) There is a massive hiss in the track that you will have to get over to get into the track proper but I definitely recommend that you give it chance to work its magic on you. With a certain amount of arrangement tightening and a real good mix, I have no doubt that Superhero could be one of the Antennaheadz finer peices. There again, I am massively biased towards this artist and I admit it freely and I understand that if you don't like it you obviously have ears of stone and a heart made of the same material.

Unfinished masterpeice. Great song though. MUST HAVE for the song.

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