Thursday, February 26, 2009

Confusion Said - Move On

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Being an inveterate rock animal I like to get around (Ed: and stay around obviously...sigh) and hear what's happening in that particular genre. Over the years there have been many bands who have satisfied my rock needs; vocalist (NOT a screecher), guitar(s) for the shredding of, and hooks as big as houses, and I'm happy to say that although some things change - the rock never does. Steve Calapp, Steve Dominguez and Josh Bechere are Confusion Said and if they are a new name to you, there certainly aren't to me. Steve Calapp I have known now in a couple of outfits and he's always shown me that he is a rock vocalist to his fingertips, EXACTLY the kind of sound and fury you need upfront.

Its the band that's been coming across more and more though, over the space of the last two tracks I've reviewed - both Must Haves btw. For me, the essence of trapping a Classic rock track in all its glory is tightness and tension and that only comes from playing together in lots of different circumstances. Being a rock trio doesn't seem to harm what Confusion Said come up with, there is enough wall of sound there to justly earn the rock tag so don't let the laid back intro fool you for a second.

The other attribute that makes a Classic Rock track is the balance between instrumental ability and a catchy, well performed song - something for example like the band Free pioneered back in the day. The obvious reason I mention Free is because it was the constant reference for me while listening to the track. As always with this band, its difficult not to like what they do, especially if you like Classic rock because they deliver all the main food groups. Tell you what, with bands like this, Avalanche and Fortune around right now, its starting to make me feel like a glutton - but I don't care. RAAAAWWWWKKKKK.

MUST HAVE Classic Rock.

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