Friday, February 27, 2009

Avalanche - Will There Be A Tomorrow

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Imagine, if you will, having this track squashed up against the murky hellspawn created by Pilesar and you couldn't get much further apart which is why, to my ears anyway, I welcomed this track with open arms every time it's turn came up on the Ipod. I'm a dagnabit rock creature anyway but once let loose from the audio vortex that is Pilesar and into the bright, sunlight uplands of good old rock and roll I am as if reborn. Just kidding about Pilesar, you understand, he knows what I really think. Besides, this is Avalanches review and if I don't get on with it, I'll catch an earful from Mike Foster and that will never do. I've reviewed this track a-fore in its original release but this is a brand spanking new version with - damn, I'm soooo excited - a mix done by one of my favourite producers - David Pendragon.

I've been wittering on about the amount of class Classic rock bands we see right now, but there is no doubt that Avalanche have a very special place - for me and a great many others. Will There Be A Tomorrow always had that reach-for-the-11-button feel about it, going from influences such as Deep Purple, AD/DC and even The Who, yer complete guide to everything rock all in one neat package. That's always been one of the trademarks of Avalanche; their ability to get EXACTLY the right sound and feel for the genre. Mind you, playing together for thirty odd years will always do that.

I have a tremendous respect for the skills of Mike Foster and Mark Easton, both excellent and what they do as musicians and producers but - as the old saying goes - a fresh pair of ears can work wonders. In a way, I wish I had kept the original, and it's not on the web page so I can't compare the versions other than levels of excitement and - to my ears anyway - this sounds a LOT punchier and immediate than the original. I think I remember that I liked the track a lot and I guess one of the reasons I ended up not keeping it is because it didn't have the same zing to it that, say, The Road Less Travelled. David seems to have corrected this, while at the same time keeping that essential Avalanche feel and stereo picture. AFAIK, David is up to more of his tricks with other tracks but by God, this is a great starting place.

Classic Avalanche. As the man says: Avalanche rocks! MUST HAVE.

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