Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stain(ed) Art - For Your Own Safety (Rude Corps remix)

Hear The Track Here

Stain, a UK based hiphop rapper, has long been a regular flavour in my house, mainly because I actually do like UK hiphop for its particular flavour, but also because he's always one for a well turned phrase. Like a lot of Northern English artists, he carries his roots in his voice so I can imagine what kind of effect this would have on someone weaned on the American riches and bitches litany. One of the hallmarks of this particular rapper is to be at once witty, involving but above all to be literate. Yep, please note my emphasis. I don't have anything against (what is it called now?) Ebonics but for a genre that is steeped in literal allusions; some of the best rappers are also some of the most fluid wordsmiths around. And when rap is the name of the game, words are some 50% of the action...

Nice to see that he's joined on this track by a well known bitch dolly hog going by the name Rude Corps, an electronica artist I've also reviewed from time to time with great results. Both of these artists have a elevated sense of the political that comes across in their individual works so it should come as no surprise whatsoever that they found time to work together. Put it like this, the first lines in the song are 'This is my party political broadcast, This is my vote winner' and goes on to excoriate the present state of the UK political scene and its absolute fixation on getting its entire population digitised; bound and captive.

Well, fuck that eh?

England has always had a fascination with raw, rough and ready music - punk being the obvious example and that is where Rude Corps sets up the musical action. It's pretty much wall-to-wall, slam your face in it and spit on your neighbour territory and - like most REAL good punk - doesn't need any kind of flashy rock god posturing, merely slam out the chords as fast as you can, as hard as you can. The real treat though, as always, is the lyrical content and in this Stain has excelled himself. Its intense, and extremely wordy so I do advise that you check out the lyrics too while listening to it. Nonetheless, if you really can't be bothered, this will still deliver the same kick up the ass whether you understand the words or not.

Splenetic outpouring of anger. Very impressive and MUST HAVE for Stain/Rude Corps fans.

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