Saturday, February 28, 2009

Letitia Lindeque - Thank You

Hear The Track Here

I first came across the deliciously named Letitia Lindeque on another site recently and its nice to finally welcome her to Soundclick where, I notice, she's already made her prescence felt on some of the forums - good on ya. Letitia is a singer from Pretoria, South Africa citing Katie Melua, Norah Jones et al as influences and although I like these artists, I don't particularly like their style. It isn't something that I would rush out and clasp to my bosom, if you know what I mean. Being a right moody whatsname myself, the last thing I need is to listen to moody women yapping on about their lost loves or whatever it is they do. There again, I am an absolute sucker for a good female voice and that is what primarily made me listen (drive by style) at the time. When this track came up for review this month, I thought this would be an ideal time to dig a little deeper.

S'OK, I'm over all the sexist comments now...

As well as moody women (Ed: Oi, you said!!) I'm not not down for lyrical soppiness and or semi-show tunes (or in this case Adult Contemporary) either but one or two of these has slid my way over the years. As Adult Contemporary goes, Thank You is a wonderful example of what Letitia is capable of; it has a strong production, great vocals (although the mix could have been kinder to it) and thankfully straightforward lyrics. The song is essentially a thank you note from Letitia to her partner for all he is and does for her. Everybody go ahhhhh. Sweet, isn't it? Well it certainly shows that Letitia is capable of writing and carrying a tune and that's a real good start - even if I can't stand the genre it's in.

My first exposure to Letitia was actually from the video on her main Soundclick page and gave me a completely different picture than Thank You would have done. The bulk of her tracks on the page are definitely pop oriented, almost 1980's electro-pop in places although a track like These Days shows that she can tackle country with equal ease - its a lovely tune btw, I'd advise a listen to it. The tracks that most struck me though were I Hear The Sound (the video) and Talk To Me both excellent examples of electronic rock that show she has something to offer. Enough genres there to make at least one track palatable for even the most jaded of palates.

Highly Recommended SSM (Singer, songwriter, musician) lol.

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