Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Larry Ludwick - Somnia

Hear The Track Here

(Ed: What again?) Despite my editors carping, I have a solid reason (and I don't mean coinage) for slicin' and dicin' yet another Larry Ludwick track this month, having started it off with his intense collaboration with The Dead Company. That was a collab and this is the man innit? and believe me, there is whole world of difference between what Larry does for Larry and what Larry does for well...anyone who asks him really. OK, who just shouted slut? Go stand in the corner with the rest of the clowns! Soooooo, being a life-long insomniac, a track about the joys of sleep and dreaming is going to go down a treat, considering that neither of them feature heavily in my life.

Billed as minimal electronica - not an area I would automatically associate with this US musician - Somnia showed me very quickly that this could easily pass as new age. Whether it would do as well chartwise is another story, having been a #1 already. Nonetheless, it IS new age by every marker I would call, it's full of sweeps and plucky and floaty clouds of musical pinkness and - if you could sleep - it would probably waft you to the Land of Nod before you could stop yawning. And therein, my little cherubs, lies the grain of sand in this particular eyeball.

You KNOW (Ed: beyond all shadow of a doubt) that New Age music (regardless of what it is called on Soundclick) is by far and away my least favourite genre. Sorry, but there it is, can't stand the stuff. Mind you, as a peice of that despond, Somnia carries some pretty hefty credentials as well as the obligatory sack of fairy dust. It is exactly the kind of track you would put on when your goal is that elusive county of Bedfordshire. It starts off as it means to go on so its best not to expect too much in the way of fireworks, merely an increasing urge to close your eyes, take a deep breath and............

(Ed: Gilmore!!! Gilmore!!! Damn, it worked!!) Highly Recommended New Age.

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