Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cam's Even Song - Perfect Love

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My enormous bias towards the works of Cam Bastedo is well known and based on a good many years spent listening to his highly individual style. When I first met him on Soundclick it took me a while to catch on. Like a great many people at the time, I kinda discounted him as a Christian singer/songwriter but spending some time taking in his particular musical viewpoint I was slowly but surely won over. Since then his progress has been eye-watering to us mere mortals - the man is a hit factory (once you get used to him) and most of his tracks scored highly with me and just about every other reviewer I know. The beating heart of what Cam does lies with his innate sense of what makes a song tick, register instantly and forever stay in your mind. Pop, but with a particular Cam slant.

I've always enjoyed Cam most (surprisingly enough) when he is putting the message across; his Biblical songs are nothing short of perfection and his overtly Christian songs are so catchy the lyrics slide in without notice. Cam's musical style veers between Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline/Blood On The Tracks version) and the Beatles (particularly George Harrison) which is a great combination of influences anyway but when you put quality content and astounding lyrical ability into the mix, it transcends those references and becomes Cam's very own unique voice. Speaking of voices, we all know that Cam can do things with his vocals he has shown us often enough, Perfect Love features not one, but two Cam voices.

Yay indeed.

Cam says that this song 'grew out of a bassline and a desire to get back to singing about what really matters' and I see that one a couple of levels. Yes, Perfect Love is a prayer and comes across in the same way as say George Harrison's My Sweet Lord might do. A hugely egregious comparison I know but I do hear that in the track, or at least an echo of it. In all other respects, musically and technically, this is pure Cam; clear, clean production; understated, effective backing and right on the money vocal performance. The juxtapositon of the two vocals is awesomely effective in every way. I've said it a million times but I cannot let this one by - Cam is one heck of a songwriter. We should all wish to have this kind of experience come our way every once in a while. EVERY time would be something miraculous but there again, this is Cam's Even Song and I put nothing past the man.

Perfect Love. Perfect Score. MUST HAVE

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