Friday, February 27, 2009

Artificial Wonders - The Warmachine Part 3 Redux

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Whenever I come across a new name - to me anyway - I always feel duty bound to find out as much as I can about them. Part nosy old bastard and part because I think it helps to know what you are dealing with. Although Artificial Wonders is new to Soundclick, he (it is a one man band) has been making music since 2007 apparently and had the good sense to do it with Fruity Studio too. While I was stumbling around the undergrowth I noticed that AW cited Denny Schneidemesser as one of his influences (and indeed is one of his Soundclick friends). If that name is ringing bells it's because Denny has appeared in these reviews before although its been a while since I've last heard of him. Denny's specialty is soundtrack music (as is Artificial Wonders) and - as you know - this isn't one of the most fruitful of genres for me but Denny surprised me enough to sit up and take notice....

So who knows...?

Sorry, call me a philistine but soundtrack music should have a visual side, right? Yes, only if the music itself doesn't supply the images, or at least that's been my experience. Before I was exposed to the breadth of material of this nature on Soundclick, I wouldn't even deign to be in the same room as it, let alone sully my ears with it. Some of the class musicians Soundclick have harboured over the years have shown time, time after time, that this music can be done properly - Denny, Sound Radius and Charlie A are just three of this type of musician I have time for. Yes, if I were totally, brutally honest I would much rather be watching a movie with this music IN it but failing that, the movie has to be in the the music for me to want to hear more of it. Errr, if you know what I mean..... lol

On the musical side, I don't think Artificial Wonders has much to worry about, The Warmachine Part 3 Redux is exactly what you would expect, except for the fall off the cliff right at the very end. 'Very end' in this case being no more than a minute, twenty down the line. Kinda difficult to build up any meaningful mind pictures in that timescale but if you imagine an up-scale Civilization score this would fit the bill. Extremely abrupt ending of course, and its length is no more than a demo of what a whole score would sound like, and that is something I'd be keen to hear. This is just an appetiser, yes??

Short, to the point but interesting game soundtrack.

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