Sunday, February 15, 2009

Damion ICE Kyng - Go Remix

Hear The Track Here

Second time round for Bronx, NYC based rapper Damion ICE Kyng, regular readers may remember me reviewing da Finisher (December 2008) which, although good in content was definitely not so in presentation. It's a sure bet that people new to Soundclick will experience the joys of the hiphop scene long before they discover all the other genres and, I must admit, it does worry me somewhat about the impression that newbies may be getting of Soundclick. On the other hand a lot of those self same newbies are coming here BECAUSE of the large hiphop scene and they seem to like pretty much everything they hear - or at least it would seem by some of the comments left on these tracks. Bit different for us old bastards though, who tend to be a lot rougher on the hiphop crowd, and not always because of the musical style which I personally love.

Nope, im my books it's all about presentation.

Thankfully, Go Remix has a lot more meat on its bones than the previous track and a lot of the production problems I noticed on that are not present on this track. 'Da remix King on the beat' is about the only clue you get to where the music came from, and using the term music is really stretching the point. Matter of fact, Go Remix is nearly all beats with the occasional plink or plonk thrown on top to make it more interesting. Personally I am a great fan of this kind of style from its roots in Jamaican 'dancehall' to its increasing using by main stream American rappers; as such the music arrangement is sparse, to the point and does nothing whatsoever except act as a bed for the rap. All well and good then.

Indeed it is and stretching out to just over three minutes it gives me a lot more to grip onto than Da Finisher and definitely shows that the glimmer of talent I saw on Finisher is in full flow on the Go Remix. Like most rappers, Damion isn't one to actually publish his raps so you will have to pick the sense of it out as you go along. Even after listening to it more than a dozen times I am still trying to figure out what its all about. Nonetheless in terms of the staples of hiphop; good, varied beats, an intelligent musical line and a rap that actually sits in the track correctly, Go Remix is as good as any other indie hiphop around on Soundclick and certainly more interesting than most because of that reliance on the beats to put the message across.

Recommended indie hiphop.

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