Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mike-K - Jazzy Blues Feat Kephas

Hear The Track Here

Now I know for a fact that Mike Kohlgraf is one of the keenest rock animals I have ever known and its a constant surprise to me how his own music is about as far away from rock as you could get. Well yeah, Gilmore, it's jazzy blues innit?? Drrrr. Personally I think the elasticity of such terms is becoming moot anyway because the only thing that really counts at the end of the day is whether you (the listener) liked it or not. Considerably more jazzy than blues and considerably more Latin than American blues at that, Jazzy Blues is - nonetheless - a great listen and an audio treat.

I've noticed with plank spankers (Ed: guitarists) that they often reflect well of each other, and nowhere is this more so than in the Kephas/Mike-K collaborative efforts. As good as the guitar parts are in this, I am completely in the dark about whether this is Mike AND Kephas; Kephas on his own or even Mike on his own and Kephas making the coffee and fetching the pizza. What I am much more interested in is something that has nothing to do with guitars whatsoever - all of which is bound to please them no end. Oh well, yet another Saturday Night Rocks with the insults whistling past my ears is in sight.....sigh.....

See, I'm a sax maniac. I love sax, the more the better. In fact, I like to have different saxes all at the same time, but that's a story for another time. Mike has settled on one sax and she's a beauty. God knows whether this is sequenced, played live or what but this track features great sax all around - so much so that it took me several plays to get past it to concentrate on the rest of the track. Top marks for the sax guys, lets do it again. The track itself is (as it says) a jazzy blues instrumental with some lovely fluid playing and a rhythm sense second to none.

Ay caramaba (whatever that means) Highly Recommended blues...

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