Thursday, February 26, 2009

Charlie A - Baby Crazy

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My introduction to Charlie Armour (aka Charlie A) came through a track called Beebee Bubba (July 2006), a track that still gets an occasional airing in the Gilmore household. Beebee Bubba showed me that Charlie not only was a talented and inventive musician but he had a small ace in the hole - one year old niece Lauren. She supplied the vocal track to Charlie's music and its charm and LOL silliness won the man a few friends right off the bat. Of course, since then he has blotted his copybook endlessly by throwing out track after track of intelligent, worthwhile film scores (and believe me I don't get to say that often enough) but hey, he is very good at it.

Baby Crazy (as you may have gathered) also features the dulcet, joyous tones that so infected Beebee Bubba, so welcome back Lauren who - I would imagine - is getting to be a big girl by now. Almost old enough to understand that nice old Uncle Charlie is having the time of his life throwing her voice into all sorts of weird places all in the name of art. You just wait until she finds out. Of course, for the rest of us, we are treated to another slice of Charlie-world in the form of an electronica ramble through the jungle.

On the surface of it, Baby Crazy seems like a simple track, and first time round you may even miss it altogether, Like a lot of Charlie A tracks, Baby Crazy scrapes in at two minutes so listening to it is a breeze. Maybe too much so. I like what Charlie does so I am bound to find things to like about this track - not the least of it being the use of that vocal sample. However, being objective I can see that this probably wouldn't strike some people as either funny or clever but hey, I think their life is the poorer for it. What's two minutes of fun out of a life of endless struggle, right?

Excellent experimental electronica. Recommended.

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