Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Circle - Streetlight Flicker

Hear The Track Here

Chris Bishop's (POPspace's big Daddy) pick for this month is a new name to me, Winter Circle is - as far as I can gather - a two peice Pop band from Oklahoma USA. Regular readers already know that Mr Bishop has a wicked pair of ears and can spot a good tune within seconds, so it's become almost impossible not to enthuse about the variety and depth of his choices. If I was going by their POP webpage, I'm not so sure I would have carried on to actually listen to the music. See, like most people, I want to be cajoled and cossetted by information about what I need (nay MUST) hear. Yeah but most musicians online couldn't give a toss about marketing and presentation right? Surely, when all is said and done, its up to the music to sell itself - to speak to you directly as it were.

Well, yes. Up to a point.

Truth is, if I hadn't spent the last week or so getting to know this excellent - if American tinged - pop rock track, I probably would have passed on it if I were just browsing for something new. That would be a shame because, for all its American flavour, is a slice of feel good pop that has commercial slapped all over its face. I am gullible here on two points: I do love a good pop song and I absolutely love it when a songwriter knows exactly how to put together a catchy, impressive song and Streetlight Flicker goes a long, long way towards filling my basic needs.

In tone and tenor, it harks back to classic American pop-rock artists and in particular the much underrated Cars although the song itself reminded me of The Knack's My Sharona more than anything that the Cars ever did. See, pop! Winter Circle only have two tracks on their page - this being one of them - so it's also a bit difficult getting a grip on what they are about but judging from this example, here is a band that knows what it wants to achieve and sets out to do it. Although I can appreciate the work and attention to detail that went into the making of this track, from its excellent arrangement, performance and top notch production, I found it didn't really touch me where I live - if you know what I mean. Absolutely jaw dropping that's for sure if you are a musician and/or songwriter but not a track that would knock my socks off. Having said that, I reckon it would be a fair bet that this band would have one of those hanging around too. An excellent introduction to a new pop rock name.

Highly Recommended Pop Rock song.

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