Friday, February 13, 2009

Frankfurt Dialog Company - One Day

Hear The Track Here

Winners of Soundclick's Critics Corner forum's competition for January is none other than Frankfurt Dialog Company, an artist I have come across only once before but it was a special treat - earning them a Must Have right off the bat. Handy, that. FDC (based in Frankfurt Germany in case you hadn't guessed) showed me with Do or Die (A summer song) (August 2008) that here were musicians who knew what they were about and knew exactly how to get to it too. Musically, lyrically and vocally Do Or Die hit every single button in my brains pleasure sectors and kept on pressing them for the rest of the year. Its now an established resident on my hard drive so it was absolutely no surprise to me that they won this peer-awarded competition. No faking the real thing, I say.

Nope, the real surprise is that its an out and out blues track.

Frankfurt Dialog's usual complement of Andreas and Silke is augmented by Stan Lightnin´George' Bolton on lead vocals, Lee Velasquez on bass, Carlos Carranza on guitar and Helfried Wildenhain on piano and what a stunner of a track they all came up with. Authentic to a fault, One Day is a slice of electric blues that screams out quality work in every single way. Even after the shock that Do Or Die's production values showed me I was unprepared for just how good it could get. The production and arrangement is absolutely rock solid, giving the track the 'bottom' a track like this demands and deserves. It's to Andreas' eternal credit that this came out with the kind of production that will scorch yer damn ears off - and you'll love every single minute of it.

Could all come to nothing though if the musical performance doesn't much the ridiculously high standard being set but I have to say ALL of the performers come off wonderfully. Great vocals (Stan), great backing vocals (Silke?), fekkin awesome geetar spanking from Carlos and Andreas, dexterous, flowing playing (and some great thumbed bass) from Lee and - as if all this weren't enough - a beautifully realised piano sound and playing; complete with barrel house feel in every note. It isn't often that I come across a track I wouldn't (in some degree) change if I had my druthers, but not this one; never this one. As perfect as it can get and as commercially viable as you are EVER likely to hear online or off, all of these musicians should take a well deserved bow and bask in their glory.

Wonderful electric blues. MUST HAVE.

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