Friday, February 27, 2009

Pilesar - Stolen Food Tastes Better

Hear The Track Here

Pilesar is, without doubt, one of the most well known experimental artists on Soundclick down to his prodigious output and his musical style, a style that could only come from the mind of Pilesar. My first encounter with this musician was when I reviewed Just A Turtle (September 2004), a far distant cry from the aural mayhem I usually associate with this artist. I don't know, maybe he was softening me up because the next track Acka Fracka (October 2004) was so fekkin out there I'm still making my way back four years later. Since those heady days, Pilesar has gone through many changes; of music, of collaborators and of mood but there is still an undeniable core of chaos in almost everything he gets up too. In fact, the only sanity he has shown is in setting up the excellent Chameleon Dish Archive label, home of of the hits (kinda/sorta...)

But hey, whats a bit of musical madness between friends...

Been a while, though since we saw some Prime Pure Pilesar Product, and Stolen Food Tastes Better sidles up to you, opens it's shabby, dirt encrusted overcoat and displays it wares. Ewww, maybe, we'd better get off that image. It's a fact, take it from one who knows, Stolen Food does indeed taste better. When I was a lad, I did my share of stealing apples from a nearby orchard and giving myself intense bellyache and a willingness to try it again, and again, and again... Mmmm, maybe we should scoot away rapidly from that image too.

My gosh, what am I on tonight?

As you could have guess, I'm flailing around in these verbal thickets because I am f***** if I can describe the track - which if you know Pilesar in its more exotic form is an impossible task. A track from his upcoming Pilesars Ugly Children, Stolen Food Tastes Better is Dr Sonic's oo-what-does-this-do? foray into my favourite of Pilesar Pumping Places; moody wtf electronica. When this guy get to twiddling knobs (Ed: errr watch it, Gilmore) your brain needs to go into freecycle. Funnily enough, I am reminded strongly of the rhythmic, throbbing electronica from the much missed Burp, especially in the use of noise to propel the track. For sure, this is going to be an acquired taste and its a strong musical stomach that could keep it down.

Me, I love this stuff. Highly Recommended electronic wtf.

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