Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Muse Machine - Behind Closed Eyes Soundtrack

Hear The Track Here

The Muse Machine, first introduced to us in some indecipherable alien language (Ed: he means LeO IcON9 ByTE19) have come on like gangbusters ever since they first appeared on the Soundclick forums a few months ago. Don't run away with the impression that these five guys are in any way newbies though, they have been making music together for twenty years and that will automatically lead to a certain amount of tightness and coherence in their music. My last review of them was of two tracks: What You Mean To Me and As She Leaves (December 2008) and now they seem to have that figure fixed in their collective heads because here they come asking for another double header.

Some people don't know when they are well off... ;)

There is, fortunately, a very good reason for this being a kinda/sorta two-fer too. Both Moment of Clarity and Open Your Eyes - Edge Of Despair are short tracks and both are being used in the short film Behind Closed Eyes, although there is nothing whatsoever to point you to the actual film itself so we'll have to take their word for it. Moment Of Clarity is literally that, fifty seconds worth of musical clarity. If you went to the bands page and immediately thought 'aaah bunch of rappers', then join the club. Not only are The Muse Machine light years away from the urban scene of Chicago (where they are based), Moment Of Clarity will show you in less than a minute that it doesn't matter.

It may only be shorter than most raps, but it says a lot more, albeit musically. Essentially though, Moment Of Clarity is nothing more than an excellent build making you instantly want to hear what should come next. Once you play Open Your Eyes etc it becomes clear that Moment and it are intricately connected, separated by a mere key change. Open Your Eyes - Edge Of Despair takes the build, adds in some explosive detuned kicks, a nice light piano line and not a lot else. What comes out the other end is dark, brooding and instantly rendered me a nervous wreck, glancing over my shoulder any second. God knows what Behind Closed Eyes is about but whatever it is, I guess they mean it.

Excellently put together film soundtrack. Highly Recommended.

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