Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Suspeckt - Push My Keys feat Epik

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Suspeckt is a relatively new name to me as yet, having only reviewed one track so far, but it's only a matter of time judging by the way he is slamming review requests in ;) He is a Hip Hop artist who as obviously been around a while (he has 24 tracks on his page) but so far I have heard only Bad Dream (June 2007) which was a very decent stab at a genre that is difficult to master at the best of times. To be sure, I was more into the musical side than the rap, which I felt was a bit too hesitant and jerky to really do the business. Still, the music saved the day and got it a recommended from this reviewer.

Push My Keys is (as you may have gathered) a collaboration with someone called Epik, about whom I know nothing. I presume that he is one of the vocalists on this track but more on that later. One of the first things I noticed was that there is a noticeable swishing on the hi-hats which probably means this is some kind of rendering problem, and that never helps. Moreover, the beginning of the track has much of the same hesitancy as Bad Dream although it does pick up considerably after the first minute or so and eventually ends up being a very reasonable track.

These things are easily fixable, although pepping up the beginning may prove tricky. Musically, the usual suspects are there; endless piano figures; strings all of which sits well in the mix. Again, the ideas that Suspeckt has going on here are not really helped by the way the song struggles with the timing from time to time. The second section of the track helps IMHO to put it across as being almost a good track, but as we all know almost isn't the same as... well, ya get my drift. It is obvious too that Suspeckt is carrying this off with the minimum of gear and considering ALL that, this is still worth a listen or two providing you bear in mind all I've said.

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