Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mean Scene Project - Breaker

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Second time around for Mean Scene Project seeing as I reviewed Redline last month and was favourably impressed with the track although it sounded a tad too American alternative rock for my tastes. However, every genre is a very broad church, and I think what comes across most after listening to these two tracks is that, behind all this, is a keen songwriter sharpening his skills for all he's worth. No bad thing as it happens, and where better to do it than in public?? Certainly the two tracks come from the same artist (MSP is Sean Telvin basically) but Breaker is by far the more attractive track, in many ways.

I am a big fan of all styles of American music, but some of it does sound kind of parochial to me. I'm sure that Americans have the same problem, some UK and European sounds are not understood there at all, or barely tolerated. However, in my world, a song is what it's all about and in this respect, that crosses any boundaries. The way that Breaker is presented is proof that a more universal sound works, but what seals the deal is the song and lyrics which are the real stars of the show.

Starting with a panned acoustic guitar mastered with so much high range it'll give your tweeters a hernia, Breaker oozes confidence and energy and builds well. Its a mix of that rangy rock perfected by the likes of the Boss (Mr Springsteen to you) and more up to date references. I would be true to say that I did have some issues with the final mix but that is always such a personal matter - even more so when you are dealing with acoustic instruments. However, the song and the casual style it is delivered in are what counts and if you like a good song with a good arrangement then this will do it. If you like the very best of Alternative Rock, this will fit that bill too.

Highly Recommended.

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