Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fear 2 Stop - Social Deviation

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After a string of really good tracks, this month we are going back into the past of one of my favourite bands this year: Fear 2 Stop. For those people who haven't been around Soundclick for a while, you may find yourself reading that sentence more than once or twice. Obviously the last time you were here was back in the days when Fear 2 Stop were flailing around trying to find their own sound, and I was tearing my hair out in exasperation. Well, I have good news, those days are now long past. Over the last year Fear 2 Stop have blossomed into one of SC's finer experimental outfits, despite that very poor start.

Speaking of which, this is one of their very first tracks...

So why no new track this month? Well, family affairs have got in the way of recording so Billy Castillo decided that he should drag out the very first F2S track ever - so I guess it's back to the hair pulling routine for me. Hopefully, though, it will only be this one off because I know that more new tracks are being worked on. Billy writes 'this dates from summer of 2002, and is one of our very first songs as Fear 2 Stop. This was the first "true" F2S song. Although it was uploaded in 2003, it was recorded in August of 2002. This is fun to compare to what we are now' Well, maybe for some. Remember I lived through most of those 'early tracks - I joined Soundclick around the same time.

Billy's wife Dana and friend Raymond make up F2S so if the name is new to you, don't go by this track - do check out their latest stuff. They were then an experimental outfit with the emphasis on strange, obscure, odd with a decidedly lo fi approach. Social Deviation could have only have come from that band at that time being nothing much more than an exercise in beats, prodded by a wandering (literally) bassline so best not to expect sophistication. While I personally like this track, I think it's very starkness will alienate lots of listeners but there again that is what F2S were about at the beginning. As a curio this is an interesting listen, especially if you know the bands musical history, and much more listenable than earlier other tracks but not much more outside of that.

For fans only, probably.

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