Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fluidity - Jades Song

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Being a right lazy, I only learned that Fludity is to be come known as John Paul Carroll when this track came up in the review list. He's definitely lazier than me though because he hasn't got around to changing it on Soundclick yet so just remember you read it here first. What? What? Yes, I KNOW that the mastermind (some would say criminal afore it) behind Fluidity is a geezer called John Paul Carroll therefore the name change would make sense, wouldn't it? Either way, he could call himself fekkin Noddy for all I care, so long as he keeps pumping out tracks that rock the socks off most other, so called rock musicians. Mind you, I have developed a taste for his material, especially the last few releases which have seen some seriously smooth moves in the songwriting department.

This track is garishly emblazoned with an Album Track tag so I guess this is meant as a track for his next album 'Gosh there must be a new CD soon'. Seeing as this is all beginning to sound a bit Python-ish let's put the music on... JP states that this is an early version to get critiques and is 'in no way finalised'. Even the quickest listen will confirm how far this artist has come in confidence and production skills since he first arrived here in early 2006. It will also show listeners that if this is one of the artists unfinished (as yet) tracks, then the final version should indeed be smoking. As it is, although I have some grumbles (more on that in a tic) this is a class track, performance and arrangement; production is still ongoing obviously.

I've really grown to like this artists sound, which is quite distinctive once you have acquired the taste; it's an interesting cross between early English pop (60's) and 70's rock that works on all levels. It helps that JP knows his onions and - as I've said before - he well lives up to the bandname, this a very competent guitarist. He's come on gangbusters too on the songwriting front and IMHO Jades Song promises to have long legs and will become one of his better known tracks. There is nothing, nothing, in the world better than an artist feeling his chops, and the sense of fun the musician is having is evident in every note. Niggles? I had a few, but JP knows them full well I suspect. Vocals mixed better, better definition on all instruments and that's about it. Can't critique, I like the track too much, just finish the damn thing already.

Don't wait. Grab now. Highly Recommended (albeit rough) rock.

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