Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alchemystic - Echoes From a Dead World

Hear The Track Here

Alchemystic is probaby having the best year so far on Soundclick, and judging by the strength of his output lately, it is likely to get a whole lot better yet. Looming on the horizon is the mans first Ambient track, after having delivered so far this year - let me see now - World Fusion, Classical, Jungle and Caribbean tinged reggae. Nothing like keeping a listener on their toes, and it looks like Alchemystic is determined to be head genre-bender for this li'l community, and for that he should hear a hearty round of applause. Out of the four or five tracks I've reviewed this year, almost all of them got a Must Have rating and that's pretty good going by my calculations.

And you gotta hear Di Good Life (Caribbean tinged reggae) to understand this fascination....

Hand on heart, Ambient is not a favourite of mine but I looked forward to hearing the track anyway because anything by this artist would be worth listening to. The reason most ambient doesn't appeal to me is because I don't like musical wallpaper, and a lot of the genre has that quality, even at the hands of someone as well versed in the dark arts of production and presentation as Alchemystic. He set out to make a musical vision with 'the desolate feel of a long-dead alien world' and it does indeed come close to evoking those kinds of images, especially with the sporadic effects used as filler.

However, and as always, Alchemystic can't JUST do the genre, he has to outdo it too. I can't say I have heard ambient being quite this ambitious before because Echoes From A Dead World isn't just yer standard collection of random sounds and sweeps and spheres that take months to unfold... Granted there are ALL those things in this track, but not like you would recognize them Jim. Fekk knows what it it that Alchemystic does with his music to make it sound so good (regardless of genre) but this track is a classic example of that art. I'm sure that any Eno-head will absolutely slobber over this, as do I from a techical angle but stylistically I can't get close to this.

Class all the way. Highly Recommended.

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