Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Decollage - Next Move

Hear The Track Here

I'm very strict when it comes to people bleeping at me. I don't like those random, irritating bleeps, buzzes and whirrs and I do like my music with a backbone. So therefore I tend to keep my electronica intake to a managable level. Unfortunately, the disappearance of Refrag has left an enormous hole in my reserves, as indeed it has in everyone elses too. I am slowly getting back up to speed with it helped (as always) by the irreplacable Burp and others. Over the past few months, I've also been getting my fix from 'friend of Burp' and fellow Munich resident. Decollage. Although her music is decidely looser, her style is extremely similar to Burp's and that can never be a bad thing.

Having said all that, Next Move takes a sideways step from the pure electronica she has been doing, and is a lot rawer in sound than previous work. There is a very recognisable guitar riff in this track, one which I've employed myself once or twice in various guises, and I think it's this sound that gives the track its raw feel. It may also be the high pitched synth that slices your head off right at the start, it may be a little too hot in this mix. Decollage uses that guitar sample in an interesting way. It's a straight ahead, head banging rock riff that kills when used in the right context. Now, surprisingly enough, I find it gets to me when it's used in another context.

See, going on about what is right and wrong musically about this (or any other track) is irrelevant to me, does it work is the question I want answered. Decollage offsets the rhythm of the samples and places it kind of astride the main rhythm rather than part of the rhythm wall. As such, it actually gives the track that extra edge it needs. Next Move follows the same experimental path her previous tracks have explored and is an interesting essay on what decollage has to offer us - although as I say I prefer her more rhythmic tracks. None the less, a few plays soon wore the kinks out of this track and it's initial oddness faded away leaving a beefy, energetic slice of musical mayhem in its wake.

Not for the faint hearted though, Decollage thrives on s'per-i-ment-in...

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