Sunday, July 15, 2007

L'Antennaheadz - Lies Two

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The Antennaheadz as waz, If the name sends a small frisson of fear down your spine, you will have had contact with this bunch of sonic aliens in the past. If you feel relatively fearless then you have absolutely no idea who the Antennaheadz are and what they can do to your mind. Let's have a small recap. The outfit (one man band actually) came from the demise of alter ego Station For Imitation and when I first heard LoL oMG wTF!!11!! (Bingo Bongo Mix) (January 2006) I wrote 'this could very well be the start of something very interesting indeed.' So the burning question of the hour is has it been? I have to say that, on balance, it has been a shift in direction for Thomas J (for it is he) but it still often carries with it the musical cantankerousness of a lot of SFI's output.

In other words, expect a good earwaxing. Bafflement optional.

The strange truth is that I have developed, over the years, a steady liking for life on the edge but - even so - The Antennaheadz have yet to make a lasting impression on me, I think that's partly because the material veers wildly from one thing to another, one acoustic track even, makes it kinda difficult to pin 'em down. Me, I just file them under 'ornery' and leave that one alone. Having said all that, Lies Two lies this side of the wtf line, but you'll need to like electronix n 'sperimental in equal amounts to really get anything other than a headache from the track. There's a nice production on this, and that is not something I get to write often about this artist; it certainly helps the track out enormously.

Essentially Lies Two is yer basic electronica with lots of repetition, it what happens to it in this artists hands that makes it just that little bit different to - as it were - make a difference. It's a track well centered in the 'less is more' school so don't expect much in the way of aural fireworks - except a solid guitar section. It builds nicely once you get used to the jerkiness of the snare and all in all I think Antennaheadz should feel well proud of this track. There again, I DO have a fascination for the odd and obscure and that is definitely not gonna be right with some people. Therefore if you are new to this side of the musical street best to approach with caution because Thomas J has never, ever taken prisoners. Me? I like this and that should tell you something too.

Well put together mix. Recommended for fans.

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