Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mountain Pearls - What I Should Have Known Before

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A couple of years ago you could take it as read that all the tracks I reviewed came from the sites I mention in my blog, namely Soundclick (far and away the biggest indie site online), MP3 Unsigned and Songplanet. Since I put the whole shebang online in the blogging world, tracks come to me from everywhichaway, as does this one. I presume either Mountain Pearls read the blog at some point or were introduced to it because they asked me if I'd bend an ear to What I Should Have Known Before and of course I caved in without a whimper. Nothing new there then. So who or what are the Mountain Pearls?, seeing as most of my readers are on Soundclick and not the Murdoch Empire....

They are a Americana folk trio (if you have no idea what that's about think Chairs...). give a huge yeehaaawww and lets get to yodeling... They are three of them (I guess the word trio gave that away), Bobby, Charlie and Elvis (Ed: so that's where he went to...) and they make the kind of music that can (I quote) ' be listened to and enjoyed on a back porch,under the shade of a big tree, with you favorite beverage in hand'. I'm sure they have more sides to them than this but the Chairs comparison is apt in this case; this is definitely a feel-good track.

T'ain't just for Yosemite Sam's either...

There is a growing recognition that the more modern forms of country, while paying tribute to a great old tradition, are in fact re-working and re-structuring a genre that - up until this internet age - seemed moribund and half dead. Obviously wouldn't have been so if the record business had seen some sense in bluegrass for the masses, but hey it was ever thus. While Mountain Pearls production is not up the the aural blast that powers the Chairs, their musical skills and the innate good humour that goes into making music as timeless as this will stand them in good stead. I have long been a fan of this kind of music and Mountain Pearls have just added themselves to my 'watch these guys' list.

Highly Recommended Moonshine.

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