Friday, July 20, 2007

Matt Henderson - Easy

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Matt Henderson is a new name to me and is (I quote) 'me, a synth and a computer'; an accurate description of the majority of the artists on the indie scene. Alternative is the sub-meadow we'll be gazing in and that genre has thrown up some nice tracks in the past, usually American. By co-incidence, Matt Henderson is also from the United States, Lansing MI to be precise, not a name engraved in the annals of music but hey, there's always time. A bit of further digging elicits the information that Matt is also a Murdoch Empire artist by the name of Yoiksandaway, and has just become a dad.

Aaahhhhh. See, reviews with a heart.

Now y'all know my views on so-called 'power ballads', most of them aren't worth the notes that make them; but here is the exception to the rule. A large part of that has to be down to the musical and lyrical vision of the artist, a thoroughly professional arrangement and performance that brings out the heartbreaking sob-a-thon so beloved by softies. It's arrangement is enhanced by the sparsity of instruments, but what instruments are used are used to great effect, The strings, in particular, are used to perfection, even the whiny high strings that are the bane of the power ballad style. That says shedloads about Matt Henderson's commitment and capability.

The real stunner in the package is the vocal performance of (I presume) Matt himself. Not only is the vocal exquisitely produced, it's also sufficently to the front of the mix for the full power of the lyrics to make their impact. I hear shades of Elton John yes, but a myriad others besides and all of the same stellar quality. Good singers are hard to find, really good singers are like hens teeth - when you find one you want to hang on in there for the ride. Since I found Easy one of the most professional, polished and satisfying tracks I've heard all year, it's a foregone conclusion that I'll be paying close attention to what Matt comes up with next. Whatever, I am a sucker for a great song, and Easy is all that and more. He shoots, he scores.

MUST HAVE song, performance and production.

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