Sunday, July 15, 2007

Superbron - Time Flies When You're Having Funk

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Another newcomer (at least to me) this month, is Superbron although judging from the stations playing list, he's been around long enough to catch some of the sharpest ears on Soundclick. He's from the Netherlands and I see you sagely nodding that you already knew this was a one man band. But in this day of miraculous science, even one man can become an orchestra and assembled heavenly choir. Thank I'd better stop there otherwise I'll be getting truly delusional (Ed: uh oh, too late). Although Superbron is classed as a general pop artist, Time Flies is (allegedly) an Urban Funk track.

Which as we know can hide endless horrors...

Hand on heart I don't think this track is in any way bad, but I feel it may get a limited audience simply due to the absolutely straight way it is delivered, almost machine like. Nahffin wrong with that Gilmore! you may well shout, but I feel the lack of light and shade. It's blindingly obvious that Superbron knows how to string this stuff together because it's arrangement is intricate (sometimes distractingly) and the playing - the guitar especially was faultless. And therein I think lies this tracks major problem with this reviewer. Yes, it's all the things I want to hear, but it is poured into your ears like a souless automaton.

Harsh, Gilmore, Harsh.

There is no doubt that Superbron sweated buckets over this production and those who know me well that I go out of my way not to seriously diss someone's work. In this case, it is probably down to personal taste, and not a lot more. I haven't much of a taste for the blander side of funk, especially delivered in such a linear way. Mind you, this has the feel of a new track and with a page of 51 songs to choose from, it would be a crying shame to judge this artist by this rather pale offering and - as I say - it is most definitely a taste thing. To Superbron I'd also like to say that I'd like to review another track, one that may be more representative of what he does - because I don't think this is it.

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