Monday, July 30, 2007

Newtwon - Breakdown

Hear The Track Here

As we approach the end of the month it's nice to see there are still some new names left for me. Amidttedly I do have my Soundclick favourites but I do much prefer reviewing artists that are new to me, it's always nice to get a surprise. So, Newtown Who dey? Well, judging from what little research I did, Newtown appears to be a he and a one man band, not that that should make any difference. What would make a difference, however, is the genre (experimental electronica) and the 'impossible to explain' tagline in his webpage title. If that wasnt enough of a clue, the artists expressed liking for 'noise, shown by his bigging up his tracks on his web page. Well, slap me over the head with a wet fish but I didn't have a fekkin clue that SC had a noise genre, let alone a chart full of it.

As someone once said, be afraid. Be very afraid.

I consider myself a fairly open minded listener, especially when it comes to music that could only be described as noise or 'shit' as some (obviously uncharitable) people would have it. Sometimes there is a point to noise but not, sadly in this case or any that I can make out anyway. It is a mixed blessing that this track only stretches over a puny two minutes and change of time, because that's about as much as any sane person could stand. I doubt that I would go so far as to label it shit though because it isn't; what it is is unformed, raw and very, very, very noisy.

Some of that I can absolutely lay at the feet of Newtown's software of choice: Apple's Garageband. Having had a couple of run-ins with it, my impressions were not favourable. Secondly, it is obvious that Newtown is new to this musical malarky and (if you listen closely) you can make out the bare outline of something struggling to get to the light. I very much doubt that too many people will take the time to even find out that much about this track, so there's not a lot more that I can say. For sure, I'm not going to make a judgement about this artist with one track, let alone one so raw and unformed.

So, better have another one eh?

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