Monday, July 30, 2007

Savanna Roots - Echo

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Third time around for Savanna Roots, bandname for one Stephen Bennett, a 17 year old multi-instrumentalist from Austin, Texas who has made a favourable impression so far, judged by the tracks I have heard and reviewed. His chosen genre is Power Pop, although I'd be my usual cantankerous self about the labelling. To me Power Pop is a quintessentially English sound, and certainly not the heavily rock influenced American strain. I tend to think that Savanna Roots belongs much more to the Alternative side of the fence, or even rock because that is what underpins his music.

Still, what's in a name eh?

My friend and fellow reviewer Cam Bastedo absolutely loves this artists work and I have to admit I haven't had that reaction to his music yet, although what I've heard so far is enough to keep on checking him out. Echo has many of the same attributes that have lifted his previous tracks but - once again - this is most definitely not power pop. I'm sure if I were a PP afficiando and I came across this track I may have some harsh words to say about it. On the other hand, if I were looking for a bit of alternative American rock then this would go down a treat...

See, on that level Savanna Roots works a treat, and I know it's unfair to keep banging on about this but I think this mis-labelling is also hindering as well as helping to spread the word about this artist. Having gotten a few of Stephen's tunes under my belt now - and Echo is a worthy choice - I can see what Cam has been shouting about. Obviously it goes without saying that Savanna Roots have the nous to do the job well - as I've commented before - but I'm still awaiting that special track that raises him above the norm. Only my personal opinion as always, but as good as Echo is it's still a bit too 'normal' for me. Shouldn't make any difference for anyone else I presume, and I can guarantee you'll have a good time with this track - provided you aren't looking for Power Pop in particular.

Recommended alternative rock.

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