Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nuff X - Some Kind Of Beautiful

Hear The Track Here

I was pleasantly surprised a couple of days ago with the surprise re-appearance of Stompp, which then took me back to memories of the glory days of electronica with Adam Fielding, Fahrenheit 451, Stompp, and other great musicians. It was them that really turned me on to what GOOD electronica was all about, and it was their influence that made me aware of Nuff X back in 2005. At the time though, I wasn't exactly enamoured of what Nuff was about - after all I had received earache from the best and he was still a relative newcomer. Fast forward a couple of years and you'll find Nuff front and centre of the same electronica pasture, having carved out a pretty impressive niche for himself.

And well deserved it is too.

Some Kind Of Beautiful owes much to early 80's electronica vocally, but the musical backing track is surely one of the most experimental I have ever heard from this artist - and that is a very good thing, Nuff is big into glitch sounds and here he's mixing them with the brew I mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph. What comes out of it all is a track that could well have come from any successful Goth band, but with some decidedly rock sequencing, all of which makes this a standout track IMHO. There again, y'all know that I have a taste for people daring to be different, and Nuff X seems to be doing that more often than not. Looked at that way, Some Kind Of Beautiful is definitely a logical progression.

The track has a heavy grunge/industrial sound that really puts across the idea of impending doom, and it's absolutely chock full of interesting little production twists; all of which is going to make me a very happy bunny. But what of the other longears out there? What would they get from it? Well, almost anyone who can tell the difference between noise for noise sake and someone who thinks long and hard about how to present what (on the face of it) could be construed as exactly that, but is something much more than that. The way Nuff has crafted this together is - for me anyway - it's main selling point; and the reason why I'm giving it such a high rating. I love different, I love edginess and I love a smart production and this has all three in abundance.

(IMveryHO) MUST HAVE, but a Highly Recommended even for those with weak musical stomachs.

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