Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mobi - The Band

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Mobi. Not to be confused with the other, arguably more famous Moby. Mobi is itself a contraction from Mob Barley, the artists full name; which itself has an uncanny resemblence to the name of a late reggae superstar (hint: not Toots Maytal) and if you've been following all of this so far - well, I'd like some of what you've been smoking. To add further confusion to the mix this Mobi is a Finnish musician who happens to play (wait...wait...) Smooth Jazz! Talk about enigma's, riddles and dilemma's, I think I should probably smoke some more of what I've been smoking before I create more verbal thickets. I've reviewed one other track from this artist, Smokey's (June 2007) and although I (kinda/sorta) liked what was happening, I didn't think much to the sounds used.

Ah well, another day....

Smokey's also makes an appearance in The Band, because it seems this is a song from Smokey's house band. All of which is in fact down to the brain, ears and fingertips of Mobi, being a one man band. Actually the more I listened to this track, the less contrived it started to sound. Sure it IS a bit odd at first hearing Mobi introduce the various members of the band, especially when you are aware that there is only him but continued listening brings out the detail of the introductions and also provides some vivid images of what Smokey's clientele would be like. All in all - at least on this side of it - a very nice likkle track indeed.

Uh oh. That doesn't sound good, does it?

Don't ask me why, but the slight accent on the vocal may be offputting to some but I kinda liked that rough edged, sleazy-eazy delivery, it helped to set up the mental picture ya know. The music is as smooth and effortless as you could imagine and this is IMHO a much better sounding track all round, although the brass sounds are still a problem and there is at least one distinctly odd sounding lead line . Seeing as most people would never spot the difference in the brass OR spot the dodgy lead, so I guess it don't matter. If you have a taste for smooth jazz then Mobi is definitely worth checking out; judging by the linkage from Smokey's to The Band, he's creating his own little blue note universe and peopling it with some decidely shady characters.

Excellent Jazz with a story. Recommended.

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