Thursday, July 26, 2007

Soul Dust - About You

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After a while at this game (Ed: I hope you are talking about music here and not the oldest profession) you get used to the ebb and flow of the online music scene. Artists appear, establish their presence then go off and start doing the same elsewhere, so things tend to get patchy where you first discovered them. So it's a very, very welcome return then to Canadian rock exports Soul Dust who I last reviewed - errr lemme see now - a year ago exactly. Infectious Greed was the track I slobbered over on that ocassion, giving it a Must Have rating which it warranted in every way because even if the heavy rock didn't get you, the song behind it certainly would. Adequate testimony to the combined talents of Andre Bourget, Hilton Hartwell, Ron Twemlow and Rock God vocalist Myk Shaflik; a band that truly sounds as tight as they should.

So that was yesterday, wot's today's news?

Well, yesterdays news asherlly. About You is not, as I thought, a new track. In fact it dates from mid-2006 and was somehow missed by this reviewer which is surprising since I really like Classic rock and Soul Dust are one of Soundclick's best exponents of the genre. As a long term rock animal I like nothing better than to have my head slammed repeatedly against a nice fat wall of rock and Soul Dust have never failed to come op with the goods in that department. Unlike a lot of their continental contemporaries, though, they don't use too much of the US strain of rock histronics merely concentrating on eloquent playing and cracking songwriting skills to get them by.

As such then, About You, is right up there with some of the best Soul Dust tracks, many of which got a Must Have rating from me - but they would wouldn't they? I have to admit to a tiny twinge of disappointment that this wasn't a new, new track - if you know what I mean - but beggars can't be choosers. An older Soul Dust track will still contain more fire, pace and energy than most newcomers. The sort of band you ache to see in a live environment because you know they would fekkin own the place, their music would demand that kind of reaction. Combining all the qualities of the seasoned professionals they are, no one on the planet rocks quite like Soul Dust, but don't take my word for it. Go get some.

MUST HAVE Classic Rock.

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