Friday, July 20, 2007

Cameron Pierce - Sincere Design

Hear The Track Here

Go far enough back in my reviews and you'll come across the first time I reviewed Cameron Pierce, a young Canadian artist who was then going by the name of Latmat. The Road Is Long (November 2003) proved to be an excellent, if slightly lo-fi homage to - you guessed it - The Beatles. At the time I mentioned that I would be keeping an eye on this artist, little did I know that it would become an occupational hazard because - in the years since - Cameron has given us some truly great tracks, in many differing styles. So much have I become used to his sound that I figured he had pretty much set his own style. But no.....he had to fiddle and tinker with what was already pretty pleasureable...

and come up with a little masterpeice of understatement.

The first time I played Sincere Design I had to go and syringe me earholes out because I couldn't believe what they were trying to tell me. I was expecting - well Cameron. What we get is some other character, a much LARGER more in-your-face character as if Cameron had undergone a quite massive sea change. I exaggerate, but not by much. Any long time fan of this artist is going to get the shock of their lives when they fire up this little beauty, not just because of the vocal treatment but because of the overall solidity of the track on all levels. I've always rated Cameron as a vocalist, and his treatment of this track shows just how long his own personal road has been.

At this stage, after thirteen gazillion plays, this moody, magnificent track is firmly embedded on my hard drive and is - in my ever so 'umble opinion - the best thing I have ever heard from Cameron. Many pats on the back for that, for sure, because if you are a musician you will not be able to fault the quality of this track, but as a listener this is likely to knock you on your ass. Some of the vocal delivery reminded me of 80's electro-pop vocals, especially Soft Cell. Now to use that reference in conjunction with something from Cameron Pierce is something I never thought I would be doing, but I'm so glad I am doing. Excellent (gulp) ballad from an acclaimed Soundclick favourite.

MUST HAVE for fans, Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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