Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cam's Even Song - What do ya' Got Within?

Hear The Track Here

Now wtf can I ever write about Cam again? After acres and acres of yadda yadda about his songwriting, arranging and production skills, the man still never ceases to amaze me. After a couple of silly months of tracks he has decided to revert back to the Cam's Even Song that I truly love the most. When this artist gets on his bible-bashing (not literally, lyrically), quasi Bob Dylan preacher jag, the man can't be beat. Although I've liked and kept many of his lighter tracks, the songs that have really made an impression have been this style. Brother Eli, Just The Truth On Christmas and the incredible Face The Music (The Ballad of 4 Lepers), all of which make up the 184 tracks you'll find on his page.

Not Artist of The Year 2006 for nuffink, ya know.

There is a looseness to the playing and arrangement of this track that I found off putting at first. All in a wtf moment which is not something I have attributed much to this excellent musician. It does have to be said though, that this isn't the usual tidy fare we get from this artist, even if the song is well up to his usual standard. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the musical backing track that sets my teeth on edge but something is definitely odd in CamLand. Mind you, that's like saying its gonna rain in England. Odd and Cam are both three letter words that mean the same thing; always expect the unexpected. Believe me, What do ya' Got Within is all that and more.

It's also an excellent slice of Cam being all evangelical (in a nice way of course) on your ass and, as I say, it is definitely a side of Cam's work I have a lot of time for. Funny that this time there don't appear to be any lyrics online but its pretty easy to pick up and definitely on the short side at just over two minutes and change. I have a feeling that its oddity may well wear off as I play it more and more, and that I am definitely going to do because this is a cracking song. For those people who know just how good Cam can be in this department this is gonna come as a real treat, even if you have to step over the roughness of the track to get it it. Cam, as always, is in excellent voice.

Has to be said; rough as a bears butt. Top song though. Highly Recommended.

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