Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gary Teed - Forbidden Love

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Gary Teed (who you may also know as Gare) has fallen foul of the Law of Gilmore; that being that I will undoubtedly forget someone's track and have to make copious amends. In fact, I think I should have reviewed this track a couple of months ago but when you have tracks coming at you from every angle of cyberspace, it gets a little tricky keeping up. Especially with real world issues getting in the way all the time. (Ed: every excuse but the real one. He's just old and senile and extremely forgetful). For some reason, although he still maintains the Gare presence here on Soundclick, there are no songs on the page and even this one you will only get on Songplanet.

Eggs, baskets; that sort of thing springs to mind right now....

Gary has a couple of strings to his musical style; sample based and his own (mainly acoustic) songs and if I were being honest I much prefer his home grown style. There again, I am a guitarist at heart and I do like to hear a good song played well in the instrument and Gary has certainly come up trumps a couple of times with that. Both Back Home (February 2006) and If Not For You (September 2006) got a recommended from me on that basis. Forbidden Love, as well as being the Lolita swamp the title promises, appears to be a blend of both of Gary's two styles and by golly, I think he has something. Although, I have to say that it is obviously home produced, but - as the songs says - well put together and it RAWKS. Something I haven't attributed Gary with before.

So well and good eh?

Weeeelll, hold up there varmint, let's not get ahead of ourselves. As I say it odes have a tinge of home production on it and that will spoil it for some people. All I see, however, is that Gary has massively amplified what he already had going for him and bought himself a whole new direction to head into. There is much bawdy talk of seeds, planting and juices so those people who shudder at such sauciness probably shouldn't clasp this particular asp to their breast. For the rest of us though, this Gare may come as a surprise to you too. Well worth a listen even if its just for the song, which is well gigglesome. This was back to back with Cam's new track in reviews and this does indeed sound somewhat like Cam, and I hope Gary takes that as the compliment I mean it to be.


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studio said...

Hey Gary, found your music today while randomly searching for audio editing freeware.....go figure!

Your music is expressive of what
is good and right about Americana stylizing and it should be safe
in your hands.

Your personal recording style is also a big plus. I know how it is when you find you have more than one genre at your disposal. The electronic vs. the wood music, wow!
All the greats recorded on way less than what we
use today and the music still plays!

You're gonna be a big hit here in L.A. with my friends. Hope to email chat with you someday.