Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vanilla Willis - Let It Go

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Been a sparse time for new names from Soundclick of late, although the Rebel Riffs blog more than makes up for it. As you may have gathered, Vanilla Willis is from that site and a complete unknown to me. Interesting though, that the genre he slots into is rock: rock and roll. Really? Really?? As in quiffs, drainpipes and rocking around the clock type shenanigans?? Really???? (Ed: oh for **** sake of course not Gilmore, when was the last time you heard anything that was REALLY rock and roll?) Sad truth. Most rock and roll these days is, in fact, rock in all but name, not a sign of blue suede anything, just the leather clad mass of rock fans you could see anywhere. Mind you, rock is a many hued beast isn't it?

Vanilla Willis knows this, I suspect.

Truth to tell, the very first playing of this had me scratching me head somewhat, I wasn't sure, you see, whether what I was hearing was intentional or merely something to do with the way it was recorded. Consequent plays showed this was indeed intentional, and definitely sets you up nicely for the track which is a real neat piece of rough, grungy rock - and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Vanilla Willis appears to be a) new to Soundclick and b) a one man band but you definitely wouldn't think either thing by listening to this track, you'd be too busy being entertained.

Me, I do like a good rock song and although Let It Go tends more towards the grunge side in its vocals, the structure and arrangement make it work out a treat. Very anthemic arena rock for 'a song about nothing in particular' according to the musician. While it is undeniably lo-fi in feel, it actually isn't in practice, everything has its place and fills it exactly where it should. No doubt that Vanilla is dedicated plank-spanker (Ed: guitarist) judging by the head banging riff fest you will no doubt notice around the third or fourth play, and then there's that chorus.... Sheesh, chockful of damn goodies. Vanilla Willis may have been a new name to me but this track signals the end of that ignorance. Watch this space.

Highly Recommended grunge rock.

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Anonymous said...

i completely agree. VanillaWillis is a talent. he seems skilled not only in use of the instruments & vocals but lyrics are great as well. i love this guy!