Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pilesar - Into Thick Air

Hear The Track Here

I know it doesn't seem like five minutes since he was last here but believe me Pilesar didn't plan this (Ed: oh yes he did!). It just so happens that his The Fingerling Live (December 2010) was the last review of last year but he was pipped at the post in getting the first one of this year - and rightly so. No human deserves such an honour unless she is young, pretty and sordid in equal measure, and Pilesar is definitely none of those things. Well, he might be sordid but I prefer not to dwell on an artists proclivities, unless she happens to be etc etc etc. Loved The Fingerling though (although not in the Biblical sense) (Ed: is this getting sordid too?) and one of the reasons was because it was a complete departure from the chaos/string theory live performances he has thrown our way over the last year or so. Pretty even and we've already established what that does to me so let's not go there again.

Pilesar starts off this brand new year with a collaboration with one Zach Mason (I know not) and is well into Indian country musically. No, not geezers wiv turbans and weirdass guitars with long necks (although there is a bit of an Indian feel to the track) my meaning was in the unfamiliar and maybe hostile sense first coined in the American West. Pilesar is many things musically but I've never found him hostile, although just about every other feeling known to man I have attributed to his musical madness. Pilesar is, underneath the percussive live personna, a true experimental musician with a capital EXP, so whatever you do be prepared for the unexpected, so obviously not for the faint hearted.

Pilesar has long had a streak of musical perversity, and it has produced some quite dramatic tracks, although I freely admit that it really wouldn't be to most people's tastes but I developed the habit when I reviewed Acka Fracka way back ******* when so there is no hope for me. You, however, can make up your own mind or - should you be a lazy bastard like yours truly - have Pilesar scramble it nicely for you. Best not to exhibit this around grannies, small children, dogs with ears, cats with ears, any animal with ears and your current girlfriend. Should you mistakenly commit this act of social hari-kiri, you may find them running away screaming like banshees, or plastering your hide to the wall depending on their own pain threshold.

Aaaahhh, unmistakably Pilesar. Highly Recommended WTF.

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