Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Wheel - Northwestside

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Aye aye, housey housey!! Come back! Why are you all running away? OK, let me explain my outfit. See, I've been getting ready for this review and I know already that the Round Rascal has prepared a dancey-prancey track for me so I thought I'd dress appropriately. So what do you mean shocking violet doesn't go with screaming pink? Damn fashionistas!! Tell you what, there is only one human being on the planet that I would let parade a naked four-to-the-floor before me, and he might indeed be a Big Wheel but believe me, he earned that right. I first encountered him with Far Away (July 2006), although I had been aware of him previous to that, if not musically then socially.

What always impressed me about this musician is his dedication to the groove. A man after my own heart, even if the groove he chooses to follow isn't necessarily one that I would choose, he does it with remarkable style. As pedantic, and pedestrian as most dance music is (especially of the electronica kind) Big Wheel always manages to pull something out of the hat, more often a cracking tune to go along with the bash-bash-bash of the drum-drum-drum. Regardless then, of the genre he works in - and dance isn't his only field - it's pretty much a given that listening to a Big Wheel track is very rewarding in most ways that count.

Northwestside, for all it's house style, is a good case in point. Sure it has many of the housey things that irritate (especially the kick), but then the Wheeled Wonder brings his arrangement/productions skills to the fore and gives you something that has a surprise around every corner. Fairly certain that jazz fans would also like this track because it has a great jazz groove, especially once it really gets going. A very classy piece of work for sure, and one that wouldn't be out of place on any self respecting dance floor. Whereas I, on the other hand, would be extremely out of place on the dancefloor on account of my fallen arches, flat feet and two left feet - although I try not to wear them all at once. That just confuses people.

Housey housey, but without my sartorial gaudiness. Highly Recommended.

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