Thursday, January 20, 2011

Refrag - Several

Hear The Track Here

There is a small, grizzled bunch of Soundclick veterans who, upon spying this artists name, start to shiver with an impending dread. As well they should, because they know full well the power of the Desbo. There are few artists from back in Soundclick's golden past and I welcome the return of each and every one. This one, I just sigh wearily and go and put the kettle on. It's the only answer to him really. Refrag, all joking aside, is an experimental musician whose 'experiments' have warped many a mind in their day, and that's just from the titles alone. The key to Refrag was always rhythm, and a clarity of production that marked him out of others. And there was his strange ways....but I still have nightmares about that and my doctor warned me not to think about it so...... fluffy bunnies.....soft clouds.....

Truth is, Refrag has long been one of my favourite Soundclick musicians simply because the guys tries harder than anyone else to make his sound identifiably Refrag, and OK its a fair question to ask why would anyone want to sound like that anyway, but you obviously have no taste, soul or life. If you get past the deceptively chillout intro, the main track will run to you with arms outstretched for a huggie-wuggie. Keep breathing through your nose and whatever you do, don't ever, EVER take your gloves off around it. It has always been my contention that of something makes a sound, Refrag has used that sound somewhere and what Several shows is that he's been putting time in learning some new tricks.

When my world was bounded on one side by Refrag and on the other by Burp (both truly awesome electronic experimental musicians) you would have been hard pressed to find a happier camper. Life, however much you kick and scream, has a nasty habit of moving on anyway, leaving you eating the dust of time. I can't think of a better prodigal son to share that meal with than Refrag who - I think - had one of my very first Soundclick reviews back in the day. You may have noticed there isn't much comment about the music, and the reason is real simple and consists of six letters - R-e-f-r-a-g. Impossible to describe. My kinda guy. Top quality sound experiment. (Ed: eh? wot? ******* guy has deafened me)

Highly Recommended and MUST HAVE for fans.

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