Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cam's Even Song - Taken From The Indian Man

Hear The Track Here

Well it was only a matter of time I suppose. Cam explains in the song comments that he was ' thinking about how screwed up our world is' (as you do) and, ' this sort of popped out' (as they do). My point being that Cam, like most rational sentients, spend inordinate amounts of time 'thinking about etc etc', and given that he is a musician, sooner or later it was inevitable he would write about the most egregious stain on the American character; their treatment of the native American indians. I think I've spent most of life incensed about this, having learnt about it in my teens.

I love the way, Cam is totally unafraid to make something topical and Stolen From The Indian Man is no exception between excoriating 'all [who] got a bonus' but then tempers that with 'It's all unfair, but then the whole wide land, was stolen from the Indian man!' Well, for my money, they are all the same thing; greed is greed no matter how it manifests, and all of it destroys. That, my friends, is the reason I like Cam's song because, it goes without saying, if he's thinking then he'll make sure we are too.

Take this line about social networking for example: 'It's so vicarious, we twitter and tweet, but nothing comes near to us, we never meet!' Ain't that just the truth, we know everything about a person and yet we know nothing about them. Mind you, the other side of the Cam coin is that his music - whatever the subject - is as positive and upbeat as you could wish and Stolen from The Indian Man fits right in there with the best of his material, this time he has unleashed his inner Dylan and you know I like Cam when he does that.

Social commentary and solid, good fun. Highly Recommended Pop.

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